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    Over many years of providing the medical service, we have found that many patients complain of the high prices of medical services and the unnecessary investigations.

    Patient always needs a trusted team to direct him to the specialist that can really treat his condition in an efficient and professional way. The continuous and common requirement of most patients was the presence of one reliable entity that has the ability to treat, guide and direct them regarding to the medical service in all its forms. 

    So, it was logic that we decided to initiate OnCall company and clinics to meet the requirements of patients, whether residents or foreigners, with the highest quality and affordable prices.

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in Hurghada it is very difficult to find a good doctor, especially a dentist. I can recommend this clinic, modern technology, professional doctors and wonderful service. Receptionist Jola is very friendly , and reminded me every appointment. Special thanks to Dr. Moustafa, he changed my opinion about dentists. I’m glad to find a great place and can recommend it for all my friends. 

Find a good dentist in Hurghada is not easy, but I can recommend the Oncall clinic with 100 percent certainty. I visited this clinic not one time, the service is top, the receptionist Jola is always very friendly. Special thanks to the doctor Moustafa he is really professional, and very courteous and polite 

Related to my experience Very professional dentist highly caring about the clients . Nice place , professional team

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